Organizational Structure

LARECOTURH has the following organization structure:

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The assembly of LARECOTURH is made up of the tourism committees of each community and the affiliated inter-community group associations approved by the Board, ratified in the General Assembly.

Board of Directors
Alexis Rosales (Las Mangas) President
Mirna Padilla (La Unión) Vice- President
Francisco Anchecta (Las Mangas) Secretary
Sandra Garcia (La Unión) Treasury
Francisco Velasquez (East End) Vocal 1
Martha Ochoa (El Porvenir) Vocal 2
Armando Sandres (Boca Cerrada) Vocal 3


Fiscal Board
Felipe Alcerro (Orotina) President
Ana Cardona (El Porvenir) Secretary
Amalia Martinez (Cacao) Vocal 1

Marcio Rivera, executive director.

Iris Castro is in charge of the Administration.

Reservaciones La Ceiba, is the marketing space created by LARECOTURH to support the promotion and sales of the tourism services and products offered by its member companies. That is, tourism activities, packages or information you might need. Icauri Ramos, our sales officer can help you. Contact at:

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