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The Honduras Tourism Communities Association 

The Honduras Tourism Communities Association (LARECOTURH, in Spanish) is a community-based organization that promotes sustainable tourism principles among its communities to assure the development and well-being of each one of its members.


LARECOTURH groups community committees that develop sustainable tourism-related activities such as environment protection, municipal level advocacy, tourism information, and organization of this sector in its member communities, among others. To date, there are fifthteen (15) committees organized in five (5) municipalities of the north coast of Honduras: El Naranjo, Las Mangas, El Pital and Rio Viejo in the Municipality of La Ceiba; East End, Cayos Cochinos in the Municipality of Roatan; El Pino, Orotina, La Unión, El Porvenir and Salado Barra from the Municipality of El Porvenir; Boca Cerrada in the Municipality of La Masica and La Rosita of the Municipality of Esparta.

The new communities are: El Cacao, Boca del Toro and Rio Coco.


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LARECOTURH is based in the city of La Ceiba and its influence area is the Destination Area of La Ceiba, mainly its rural communities and urban area, which comprise protected areas such as Cuero y Salado, Pico Bonito, Cayos Cochinos, Nombre de Dios and Laguna El Cacao.

Mission and Vision

LARECOTURH Shared Vision For 2015 we will be the association that leads, consolidates and promotes sustainable tourism as a strategy to assure the development and well-being of its member communities.

The Institutional Mission: We are an association of organized communities that promote sustainable tourism and contribute to the well-being of its population, respecting culture and the environment.

We firmly believe in preserving our culture, the environment, and our ways of social coexistence. Therefore, each one of the communities has agreed that it is necessary to be organized, and that this organization (LARECOTURH) will open the door to developing different aspects such as organization, basic infrastructure, tourism products, markets and the environment.

Our overall goal is to generate the capacities to promote sustainable tourism development in its member communities, by generating economic resources, advocacy and collaboration and experience sharing among communities and/or businesses in the communities.

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