The Requirements to Affiliate to LARECOTURH are:

  1.  The community should have at least one tourism attraction with a high attraction power.
  2.  Have an organized local tourist committee according to the affiliation requirements.
  3. Pay their affiliation to the network.

Requirements to Join a Tourism Committee:

  1. Be a recognized and businessmen or an entrepreneur, qualified by the Committee’s Board of Directors that provide the following related services or products such as:
    • a) Specialized guides and/or Automobiles or other Vehicles Drivers Guides.
    • b) Diving Guides and/or Water Sport Guides.
    • c) Travel and Tourism Agencies, dealers and receptive tourism operators.
    • d) Vehicles, vessels and other goods and equipment rentals for tourism
    • e) Land, maritime and river transportation.
    • f) Hotels, shelters and rooms with shared time systems or of hotel operation as well as the rest of the accommodation facilities.
    • g) Restaurants, cafeterias and related that are linked to tourism.
    • h) Night centers, discotheques and casinos, except those that under the consideration of the Board of Directors are not directly linked to tourism.
    • i) Those commercial providers, industrial providers, carrier providers, consultants, media transportation providers and all of those people that have an outstanding participation in the development of tourism.
    • j) Diving facility.
    • k) Resorts, camping, recreation centers and tourism entertainment.
    • l) Craft stores and craft producers.
    • m) Event organization companies and expo fairs.
    • n) Any other type of tourism activity that can be qualified as such by the board of directors.
  2. Present a written entry request to the committee’s board of director.
  3. Pay the affiliation fee that has been established by the committee’s Board of Directors.
  4. Pay a monthly contribution fee that is established by the committee’s Board of Directors.
  5. Commit to comply with the payment of their economic obligations and participate in all economic, social or educational activity of the Tourism Committee.
  6. Present the information that at the moment of the request is required by the Board of Directors.
  7.  The affiliates will coordinate their activities with those of the Tourism Committees with the purpose of mutually strengthening their functioning.

Tourism Committee Organization Process and their Affiliation to LARECOTURH Considering the first criteria of the LARECOTURH affiliation requirements, all community that has a tourism attraction or that uses its tourism attractions in a sustainable way, can organize a community tourist committee integrated by leaders and entrepreneurs of the sector. Once the local or community committee is integrated, the committee should request their admittance to LARECOTURH, in writing; stating their interest of belonging to the network. Such request can be delivered through e-mail or in hard copy to the network offices. Then the Network’s Board of Directors will organize the visits to the community and will analyze its inclusion.

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