Community Organizational Structure

They can be members of the following committees:

  • Providers of tourist services (natural and legal persons)
  • Local professional associations that are linked to the tourist associations
  • Providers linked to the tourist activity

The community organization structure is:


Objetive of the tourist committee

  • Encourage the sustainable tourist development in their community.

Specific Objetives of the Tourist Committee

  • Negotiate before the corresponding bodies the basic infrastructure through the community associations / city halls.
  • Encourage the training and update of knowledge
  • Generate a joint promotion
  • Promote the tourist development

There are 15 committees are organized, distributed in 8 municipalitys in 3 departaments of Honduras:

Municipio de La Ceiba, Atlántida:

  • El Naranjo
  • Las Mangas
  • El Pital
  • Rio Viejo

Municipio de El Porvenir, Atlántida:

  • El Porvenir
  • El Pino
  • La Unión
  • Salado Barra
  • Orotina

Municipio de La Masica, Atlántida:

  • Boca Cerrada

Municipio de San Francisco, Atlántida:

  • Boca del Toro

Municipio de Esparta, Atlántida:

  • La Rosita

Municipio de Jutiapa, Atlántida:

  • Cacao

Municipio de Balfate, Colón:

  • Balfate

Municipio de Roatán, Islas de la Bahía:

  • East End


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