The communities that are affiliated to LARECOTURH are: El Naranjo, Las Mangas, El Pital and Rio Viejo in the water shed of Río Cangrejal in the Municipality of La Ceiba; East End, CayosCochinos in the Municipality of Roatan; El Pino, Orotina, La Unión, El Porvenir and Salado Barra in the Municipality of El Porvenir; Boca Cerrada in the Municipality of La Masica and La Rosita in the Municipality of Esparta. All of these communities are located in the buffer zones of the protected areas, which offer an incredible and biodiversity richness as well as many tourism activities.

Communities of  La Ceiba

The communities of El Naranjo, Las Mangas, El Pital and Rio Viejo, located in the water shed of the impressive Cangrejal River in the Municipality of La Ceiba, have similar characteristics, on one side they share their location, the lower water shed of the river and are surrounded by the exuberant forest of two protected areas – The National Parks of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios; and in the other hand they are relatively small communities according to the number of inhabitants/families.

Community No. of Families Population Men Population Women
El Naranjo 107 261 233
Las Mangas 65 180 167
El Pital 73 207 200
Rio Viejo 122 260 217

Another similar characteristic among Las Mangas, El Naranjo and Rio Viejo, is that they have electrical power, drinking water and mobile telephone signal. Likewise, El Pital also has electrical power, drinking water but limited access to mobile telephone signal, therefore an efficient communication is difficult. Regarding the tourism activity, we can highlight that in the communities of El Naranjo and Las Mangas, is the highest concentration of tourism providers, such as accommodations, crafts, feed and tour guides.

Communities of El Porvenir

If we considered all the communities affiliated to LARECOTURH, we can say that in the Municipality of El Porvenir, the biggest communities are located (in population), being La Unión 7 thousand inhabitants), El Pino (5 thousand inhabitants)and El Porvenir(3 thousand inhabitants), with the presence of hardware stores, general stores, small convenience stores, having a good mobile telephone coverage, electrical power and drinking water. The beaches of El Porvenir, Rio Zacate in El Pino, the garífuna culture and the cassava bread in La Union, make of these communities unique.

Orotina (120 families), Salado Barra (46 families) are the communities with less inhabitants with limited facilities and basic infrastructure, but have an unsurpassable ecological resource because they share the Caribbean and the Wildlife Refuge of Cuero and Salado.

Communities of La Masica

Boca Cerrada (23 families) is located in the Wildlife Refuge Cuero y Salado, located in the Wildlife Refuge of Cuero y Salado, having basic structure limitations, although for tourism, it is not a determinant factor such as electrical power as an example.

Communities of Esparta

La Rosita in the Municipality of Esparta, is the most distant community of all the 12 communities that are affiliated to LARECOTURH, taking La Ceiba as a starting point. This Garifuna community also has constraints in their basic infrastructure but it has mobile telephone coverage.  Its main attraction is its beaches of approximately 3 kilometers long.

Comunidad del Municipio de Roatán

East End, CayosCochinos is a garífuna community inhabited by 14 families that chare the richness provided by the Caribbean Sea.  The coral reef, fishing, culture, the rosy boa globally unique and its climate, make of this community a Paradise, forgetting about their basic infrastructure limitations.

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